Essence + Alchemy Tea Lights


The Tea-light set includes a reusable tea-light glass and 3 Tea-Lights.

These are great little sets to sample the Essence + Alchemy scented candle range, take on your travels or they are perfect as a little gift.

Handmade in small batches from pure sustainable rapeseed wax and pure essential oils. This long-lasting botanical candle will burn clean and brightly. Rapeseed wax is a warm, soft and natural plant wax made from the oil of pressed rape, a plant which has been grown in the UK for hundreds of years as animal feed and to protect and improve soils. This plant wax is non GM, non-hazardous, biodegradable, harmless to wildlife and free from paraffin, petroleum, palm wax.

- Burn Time ~ 4-5hrs each
- Not tested on animals
- Vegan Friendly

Handmade in UK.